We build brands with a focus on expressing your ideas and values. Create invaluable customer relationships with a consistent and meaningful brand.


We build brands with a focus on expressing your ideas and values. Create invaluable customer relationships with a consistent and meaningful brand.

What Is Branding?

The term “brand” is tossed frequently, often with different definitions. At Otheus we define your brand as how a customer perceives your business, not just a logo. We understand that a strong brand cannot be built in a day but rather through months and sometimes years of consistency and dedication. Luckily for you, you’re not alone! We’re here to rapidly accelerate and guide you through this treacherous journey.

Logo & Brand Identity

We work collaboratively to develop brands from the ground up, creating unique and compelling brand identities that separate you from the crowd, regardless of the industry. This is done by diligent research and fearless iterations that explore many avenues before concluding on a brand identity.

Brand Strategy & Guidelines

A well-structured plan is just as important as the execution. Effective brand strategy is developed by understanding how your business is currently perceived by your audience and identifying the message you want to portray. A plan of attack is then designed and implemented to help you achieve the set out goals and objectives for your brand.

Consistency is crucial to drive power and integrity of a brand. We provide you with guidelines to ensure your brand assets are applied consistently across both the physical and digital world.

Collateral & Signage

Well executed signage and brand collateral will increase the awareness for your business. In many cases, this is the first point of contact between a customer and your brand. At Otheus our branding experts understand how to convey your business’ message and identity from the moment your brand comes to life.

Our Process

The first step to creating any memorable brand is to evaluate the business. We start by asking questions, identifying your business' mission and objectives in order to paint a clear picture.

Understanding the consumer is just as important as understanding the business. It's important to ensure that your brand appeals to the right audience, representing the values of the consumer.

This is when we let the ideas of our creative experts run wild. We begin by brainstorming ideas, filtering out our favourites and building upon them.

Only a fraction of the drafts make it through to this stage. These drafts are built upon, dressed up and made presentable for you, the client, where you share with us your feedback.

In most cases the first iteration of a design is never perfect. Our creative experts take your input and perform minor changes and improvements to make the design perfect.

In order to deploy your brand across multiple applications we must first make sure the files are flexible and in its highest possible quality. We achieve this by producing your design in a vector format.

The final step in our process is to create attractive and meaningful content to engage and interact with your audience. The sky is the limit, from social media posts to flyers to billboards, we help you get your brand out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is a brand to my business?

Your brand is important because it's how customers perceive your brand. 

Consider this: when provided the option of Coke and unbranded Cola, most consumers would choose Coke. This happens because the Coca-Cola company has spent years building the idea that it doesn't sell bottled drinks, rather "happiness" in a bottle.

Why should I use an agency to build my brand?

Creative agencies like consist of multiple designers who have collectively built hundreds and thousands of brands. You're hiring an experienced team with the resources to conduct the necessary research and execution to build great brands.

How can I improve my brand?

A successful brand is constantly must be able to constantly adapt and innovate within its market. It's vital for a brand to understand who their audience is and what their interests are.

How long does it take to build a brand?

An agency is able to help lay the plan and foundation of your brand, however, a successful brand can take months or years of planned and consistent execution.

I already have a logo, can't I just use that?

Your brand is so much more than just your logo. It's important to ensure that your brand is consistent and conveys the correct message to your audience. Poorly designed logos can potentially convey a different or wrong image for your company.

Do I need to worry about trademarking my logo?

Registering a trademark will provide you with the exclusive rights to use your logo. Registering a trademark is recommended, however, not necessary.

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